Las Carboneras Flamenco Show

Our show combines contemporary flamenco without forgetting traditional flamenco roots, provides freshness, improvisation, passion and commitment making each night a surprise which does not leave the viewer indifferent.
Our group of artists has, among others, our dancers and founding members, which also deal with the artistic direction of the space, as permanent members of the set. At other times Manuela Vega has been dancing and right now are performing every night on stage Tacha and Ana Romero.

Guest artists

Throughout these years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming on our stage to important guest artists. Here we highlight a few of them:

  • Alejandro Granados
  • Alfonso Losa
  • Belén Maya
  • Domingo Ortega
  • Guadiana
  • Jorge Pardo
  • Manuel Liñán
  • Manuel Reyes
  • Mercedes Ruiz
  • Rafael Amargo
  • “La Fabi”
  • Mercedes Cortés
  • Víctor Márquez Tomate

November Programme

Frist fortnight Sing: Juañares y Ángel Gabarre Dance: Tacha, Ana Romero y Guadalupe Torres, Adrián Santana. Guitars: Pino Lozada y Luis Miguel Manzano Second fortnight Sing: “El Trini” y Ángel Gabarre Dance: Ana Romero, Tacha, Águeda Saavedra, Manuel Liñán Guitars: Francisco Vinuesa y Pino Losada Guadalupe Torres (Madrid, 1983) She studies in the Royal Conservatory […]

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October Programme

Frist fortnight Dance: Pedro Córdoba (Del 1 al 3). Marco Flores (Del 4 al 15). Ana Romero, Tacha, and Saray García (winner of the third contest Las Carboneras) Sing: Ángel Gabarre and Ismael de la Rosa “Bolita”. Guitar: Víctor Tomate and Yeray Cortés Second fortnight Dance: Manuel Reyes, Claudia Cruz, Ana Romero y Tacha. Sing: […]

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Ana Romero Interview

Ana Romero: “I see young people with increasingly more preparation” The dancer Ana Romero, born in Australia of Andalusian parents, climbed to a stage for the first time when she was five years old and professionally, at fourteen. Then she came to Spain and, between tours with Manuela Vargas and Cristina Hoyos, among others, she […]

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Tacha Interview

Tacha: “In a tablao is all like more animal” The artistic co-director and co-founder of the Tablao Las Carboneras, plus dancer, talks about her 28-year career in flamenco, from “El Güito”, Antonio Canales, and Arrieritos; the dream fulfilled which led to her having a tablao, and her vision of contemporary flamenco, that she says it […]

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September Programme

Frist fortnight Dance: Marina Perea (From 1 to 7), Belén de la Quintana (From 8 to 14), Ana Romero, Tacha, David Paniagua. Sing: Juañares (From 1 to 15), Ángel Gabarre. Guitar: Pino Losada (From 1 to 30), Luis Miguel Manzano (From 1 to 15 ) Second fortnight Dance: Pedro Córdoba (From 15 to 30), Karen […]

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August Programme

First fortnight Dancing: Alejandro Granados, Guadalupe Torres, Ana Romero, Tacha. Singing: Ismael de la Rosa “Bolita”, Ángel Gabarre, Eva Ruiz “La Lebri”(15 y 16). Guitars: Antonio Santiago “Ñoño”, Jesuli del Puerto, Antonio Sánchez. Second Half: Dancing: Jesús Carmona, Vanesa Coloma, Ana Romero, Tacha (from 16 to 20), Marina Perea (from 21 to 31), Inmaculada Aranda […]

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July Programme

Triana Maciel She was part of the cast of the show “Flamenco sin más” by Nino de los Reyes, along with artists such as Enrique “El Piculabe”, Antonio Sánchez and David de Jacoba, premiered in Cyprus in early 2014. Organizes and participates in the show “Huellas flamencas” directed by Nino de los Reyes and Jesús […]

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June Programme

First fortnight: Singing: Ángel Gabarre, Ismael de la Rosa “El Bola”. Guitars: From 1 to 30 Victor Marquez “Tomate”. 1 to 15 Pepe del Morao. Dancing: 1 to 15 Isaac de los Reyes 1 to 6 Inmaculada Aranda 1 to 30 Ana Romero and Tacha. Second Half: Singing: Ángel Gabarre & “El Trini”. Guitars: 16 to […]

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Second half of May programme

Friends from Las Carboneras! This is the schedule for the second half of the month starting today: Singers: Ángel Gabarre y Juan Triviño. Guitarists: Flavio Rodríguez y Pino Losada. Dancers: Carmen González, Stefano Domit, Tacha y Ana Romero. We hope to see you soon! Stefano Domit, dancer Has grown up in touch with flamenco since […]

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First half of May programme

Friends from Las Carboneras! This is the schedule for the first half starting today: Singers: Pepe “El Bocadillo” and Ángel Gabarre. Guitarists: Flavio Rodríguez and Pino Losada. Dancers: Kelian Jimenez, Vanessa Coloma, Tacha and Ana Romero. We hope to see you soon!

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