Las Carboneras Flamenco Show

Our show combines contemporary flamenco without forgetting traditional flamenco roots, provides freshness, improvisation, passion and commitment making each night a surprise which does not leave the viewer indifferent.
Our group of artists has, among others, our dancers and founding members, which also deal with the artistic direction of the space, as permanent members of the set. At other times Manuela Vega has been dancing and right now are performing every night on stage Tacha and Ana Romero.

Guest artists

Throughout these years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming on our stage to important guest artists. Here we highlight a few of them:

  • Alejandro Granados
  • Alfonso Losa
  • Belén Maya
  • Domingo Ortega
  • Guadiana
  • Jorge Pardo
  • Manuel Liñán
  • Manuel Reyes
  • Mercedes Ruiz
  • Rafael Amargo
  • “La Fabi”
  • Mercedes Cortés
  • Víctor Márquez Tomate

Laura González

She was born in Madrid in 1981. She started her dance studies at the age of 4, preparing herself in different styles of dance and, at the age of 15, she began her training in flamenco at the school of Amor de Dios, studying with maestros like Ciro , Merche Esmeralda, Antonio Canales, La China, […]

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July programme 2017

First fortnight Sing: Jesule de Utrera (3 al 9) Eva La Lebri (10 al 16) Ángel Gabarre Dance: Ana Romero Tacha Laura González Miguel Ángel Heredia Guitar: Pino Losada Second fortnight Sing: Juañares Ángel Gabarre Dance: Salomé Ramírez (17 al 23) Olga Llorente (25 al 31) Adrián Santana Tacha Ana Romero Guitar: José Tomás (16 […]

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Juan Manuel Zurano

Sevilla, 1979. He begins in the world of dance in the school of Matilde Coral. In 1997 he starts his Spanish and contemporary dance training with teachers such as Victoria Eugenia “Betty”, Eloy Pericet, Juanjo Linares, Pedro Azorín, John King, among others. His training and perfection as a bailaor come from the hand of great […]

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Irene La Sentío

She approaches the dance together with Juan de los Reyes and Juana Amaya to continue training with the greats: Antonio Canales, the Farruco Family ( ), Fuensanta La Moneta, Adela Campallo… and thanks to her tenacity, strength and natural ability to convey emotions, she soon gains the nickname of La Sentío ( ) with which […]

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June programme 2017

First fortnight Sing: Ángel Gabarre, Ismael de la Rosa “El Bolita” Dance: Irene “La Sentío” (1 al 10), Miguel “El Rubio” (1 al 15), Ana Romero (1 al 7), Belén de la Quintana (8 al 18), Triana Maciel (11 al 19), Tacha Guitar: Jesuli del Puerto (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, […]

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Marina González and Jesús Fernández perform in Las Carboneras

Marina González Born in Barcelona in 1987, she is formed in the city of Barcelona in different disciplines, focusing finally on flamenco by masters as Antonio Canales, La Chana, Rafaela Carrasco, Eva Yerbabuena, Manuela Carrasco, among others. She has been part of Rafael Amargo’s company since 2013, participating in the shows “Suite Flamenca”, “Ecléctic” and […]

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Olga Llorente

Barcelona, 1990 Graduated in Spanish Dance at the Conservatory of Barcelona. She has been taught by masters such as Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Belén Fernández, Antonio “El Pipa”, Eva Yerbabuena, Mercedes Ruiz, Belén Maya, María del Mar Martínez, Rafael del Carmen, Pedro Córdoba, Rafaela Carrasco, Rubén Olmo, Juan de Juan, Javier Latorre, “La Chana”, Marco Flores, […]

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Juan José Villar

Juan José Villar is a young bailaor of Cádiz, the most recent link in the Villar saga and the Jinetos, a lineage of Cádiz artists that began with his grandfather, singer Juanito Villar, and continued with his father, also singer Juan Villar Junior. His mother, Susana Gómez, is also an artist, being in his case […]

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Exhibition of flamenco oils by José Maldonado

After the exhibition on tattoos and flamenco by Roberta Venere, some photographs and drawings that have now traveled to Italy, the artistic director of that exhibition, as well as dancer and painter, José Maldonado, brings us a collection of great flamenco-themed oils which will remain in our tablao until the end of August 2017. José […]

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May programme 2017

First fortnight Sing: Ángel Gabarre Juan José Amador Dance: Marina González (from 1 to 7) Jesús Fernández (from 1 to 7) Carmen González (from 8 to 14) José Jurado (from 8 to 14) Ana Romero Tacha Guitar: Pino Losada (from 1 to 7) Gabriel de la Tomasa (from 8 to 14) Second fortnight Sing: Juañares […]

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